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Diamond Education, everything you need to know

Smart Diamond Shopper

Smart Diamond Shopper

Selecting a diamond is a decision of a lifetime and the process starts with knowing the 4Cs of a diamond.

Diamond Shopper
Polished Diamonds

The 4 C's of a Polished Diamond

The 4 C's are four characteristics that are used to determine the value of a diamond -- Clarity, Color, Cut, and Carat Weight.

The 4 C's to Know
Diamond Shape & Cut

Diamonds Shapes and Cuts

When it comes to diamonds, most consumers tend to use the words "cut" and "shape" interchangeably. But for diamond expert, there is a big difference.

Shapes and Cuts
Know Your Diamond Like an Expert

Know Your Diamond Like an Expert

Learn to talk about a Diamond like an Expert! From the Table to the Culet.

Know Your Diamonds