Know Your Diamond Like an Expert

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The crown is the portion of the polished diamond above the girdle. This includes the table and surrounding facets. The crown splits the light entering the diamond into white light and colored light, creating its brilliance and fire.


The optional 58th facet of a round brilliant cut diamond. The size of the culet should be very small or it can allow light to escape through the pavilion of the diamond rather than reflect and sparkle back through the table.


In proper proportion, the depth of the cut gives light entering the diamond enough room to reflect properly inside and back out through the table.


Diameter and table proportions are important for creating light play and fire within the diamond.


The typical diamond is cut with 57 or 58 facets, 33 on the crown and 24 or 25 on the pavilion (depending on the presence of the culet). On a well-proportioned stone facets are uniform and symmetrical. A poorly-cut diamond won't sparkle with symmetry.


The girdle is the thin edge of the diamond; it protects the edge of the stone from chipping.


The pavilion reflects the light that passes through the crown back out of the table in the form of scintillation and brilliant light. The diamond must be well cut in the proper proportions for symmetrical sparkle.


The table allows light to enter the diamond where the light is then divided and reflected as the diamond's characteristic rainbow sparkle. A well-cut diamond has a table that is proportionate to the diameter of the crown for maximum fire and brilliance.